Arterra Bizimodu: can you support GEN's home?

GEN-Europe is hosted by the cohousing community of Arterra Bizimodu. Can you help them on their path to sustainability?

Did you know? Just like start-up businesses, 90% of ecovillage projects fail within the first five years. 

Personal disagreements, poor facilitation, and financial difficulties are amongst the most common reasons for this. But we know that when communities do put in the hard work and overcome those first challenging years, beautiful things can happen. 

The community of Arterra Bizimodu in Navarra, Spain, is one that has worked hard to deal with such challenges. It's now entering its fifth year, and is thriving, with a strong group of around fifty adults and children living on site, running regular courses, events, and conferences, and becoming a reference point in the use of sociocratic organisation. 

It's also the host of the GEN-Europe offices, and held the GEN Conference two years ago, welcoming hundreds of people when it was still in its infancy. Right now, it's hosting GEN-Europe members from across the continent on a course on how to write projects to receive EU funding. 

Arterra's community have been big supporters of our network. Can you help them assure their future sustainability? Arterra is now running a crowdfunding campaign for solar panels and to improve the energy efficiency of the building they call home. A small donation would make a world of difference, helping them on the way to environmental, financial and energy sustainability. 

Click here to go to the crowdfunding page and be part of the change!

Being part of GEN-Europe means being part of a network of ecovillages who support each other. If your ecovillage has a project, campaign, or course you'd like to publicise, get in touch!