A summer adventure in community for European youth

Young people from across Europe came together in Ecodorp Bergen for a 12-day exploration of sustainability and community.

What happens when 20 young people from four countries get together in an ecovillage for a co-created learning experience? 

Find out in the magazine produced as part of Ecodorp Bergen's youth exchange - a unique experience for European youth to immerse themselves in ecovillage living and sustainable culture, initiated by GEN-Europe.

View the magazine here

Organised by several of GEN-Europe's national networks, the exchange brought together organisations and youth from Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Finland for a 12-day journey of co-creation and exploration, led by the young people themselves. 

European projects like this are vital in opening up communities and sustainable living to young people, providing valuable funds and immeasurable experiences that will stay with those who participate for a lifetime.

To find out about some of the current EU-funded projects available, check out our EVS page!