Youth Working Group

NextGEN Europe is a youth centered platform - the coming together of the younger generations of the ecovillage movement in Europe. It is not only for young people, but for anyone who wishes to work with the next generation, also by connecting to the other NextGEN initiatives in all the other GEN Regions. We are actively looking for more involvement from youth within the GEN family to be part of one of the following circles that comprise the working group.

The working group includes representatives of different circles of NextGEN in Europe, such as :

  • GEN Europe office 
  • GEN Europe Council
  • Youth Exchanges- YestoSustainability
  • Youth National Networks  
  • NextGEN International Representation 
  • Youth Projects (Eg. Bridgedale360, Biogas, Youth Event in September 2018)


Inspiration - Awaken and inspire European youth through outreach  that focuses on the creative possibilities and best practices of alternative sustainable solutions, gained from the global networks of ecovillages, transition initiatives, permaculture communities and the  movement towards a regenerative future.

Empowerment - Offer education and training possibilities to empower European youth with the knowledge, skills, capacities and support for living in and co-creation of ecovillage and holistic sustainable lifestyles.

Community - Connect and cooperate with NextGEN, the Global Ecovillage Network and communities to build mutually beneficial relationships and offer opportunities to experience, live and work in ecovillages worldwide.

Collaboration - Encourage and support each other to live at our full potential, become active change agents, implement projects and work in effective, creative collaboration to bring positive change.

Regeneration - Advance the exchange, development and implementation of practical solutions for ecological regeneration, resilient communities, fair economic systems and cultural transformation.

Core tasks

The task of the NextGEN-Europe working group is to decide on:

  • Hold the vision of NextGEN-Europe
  • Define communication strategy
  • Lobbying and representation at the events (eg. COP, GEN Conference)
  • Sharing of information between all the represented circles, updates on projects.
  • Mobilization and support for the wider GEN Europe and NextGEN network.
  • Agree on how to allocate the budget from Gaia Trust that comes for NextGEN-Europe

 The working group holds an online conference meeting once every 2 months.


Lara Kastelic lara.kastelic(at)                      [Key Contact]
Ethan Hirsch-Tauber ehirschtauber(at)   [Council Rep]
Fanny van Hal <fanny(at)>                   [Staff Rep]