Projects Working Group

For many organisations, projects form the building blocks of the work they do - and GEN Europe is no different! Almost everybody at some point in their lives has ‘rubbed shoulders’ with a project, whether they know it or not. Perhaps they have experienced first-hand the buzz of doing actual project work, or that light-bulb moment when an idea springs to mind, or even just by leisurely clicking through the GEN Europe website; then you’ve had an encounter with a project. Projects shape our lives, some would say. But if projects are everywhere, why are they so hard then? We have all heard stories of the stress, deadlines, lack of resources, communication meltdowns and everything else that can and often go wrong in a project. We at the Projects Working Group would like to think differently about the projects we do, how we do them and how we activate their potential to transform the people who work on them as well as the organisations and movements they are for. In some ways, we would like to re-imagine projects as the uplifting, and empowering pow-wow’s that they ought to be. 


We want to come up with strategies that will make us hand-pick and go for the best ideas, and to decide on methods for their most efficient delivery and greatest impact, while matching them up with the needs of the network. If you are the creative type and you have that bright idea that’s yearning to come to life, then the Projects WG is the place for you. And if you are a people person and know how to motivate, organise, give structure, plan and execute, and troubleshoot, then let this be your light-bulb moment to join the Projects Working Group too!



Our proposition is to build up GEN Europe’s capacity to identify project opportunities, apply for funding, allocate the necessary resources and coordinate and manage the workload and deliverables, and monitor and evaluate project impact. We would like that WG members feel empowered through continuous and supportive development, for both technical and interpersonal skills.


Practically speaking, the Project WG would want to execute the following tasks, either as part of an ongoing process or on a project-by-project basis:

  • Create and maintain a database of existing GEN Europe projects
  • Coordinate project-related training activities for the network (e.g. Erasmus+ applications)
  • Support the application and proposal writing process
  • Network with the aim of developing working relationships with Erasmus+ National Agencies and other agencies and potential consortium partners
  • Monitor and identify project and project funding opportunities
  • Help identify and engage members from our communities who would like to work on project execution, in a project pool of resourceful people
  • Participate in creating a knowledge repository and toolkit of methodologies, techniques and standards 

Time commitment

A monthly Zoom meeting lasting 1½ hour would be minimum, but work can be expected between meetings, for specific project applications.

Requirements to join the group

We invite anyone who has some experience with project development, the ability to write applications and availability to administrate/facilitate/represent GEN-Europe in different projects and consortiums. A curiosity and passion about projects and any of their underlying methodologies and associated tools: 


  • Project management: Traditional, Agile, Dragon Dreaming
  • Brainstorming and Idea Development
  • Budgeting and Project Controlling
  • Troubleshooting and Problem-solving
  • Consensus-based decision-making



Tom Feeney (GEN Europe Projects Coordinator) at tom(at)