National Networks Working Group



  • To strengthen the National Network structure within GEN and in the countries, for both existing and emerging networks. 
  • To cultivate the art of conscious collaboration in networks 
  • To promote a sense of belonging, shared values, experiences, challenges and successes.  


Action plan 2018 

  • Organise national networks meeting at European Ecovillage Conference 2018
  • Organise National Network meeting January 2019 (either in Tamera, or back to back with CLIPS in Slovenia)
  • Outline the benefits of forming part of GEN Europe as a National Network
  • Create a proposal for the 2018 General Assembly of GEN Europe about discounts for GEN Europe members in ecovillages (on courses, food and accommodation) 


Requirements to join the group


  • People with some experience with National Networks 
  • Availability for 1 monthly zoom meeting + writing tasks in between meetings



Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Fanny van Hal

Riccardo Clemente

Manja Vrenko

Monique Wijn