Governance Working Group

This mandate for the GEN-Europe Governance Working group is to come up with different strategies and proposals on how to implement and practice sociocracy in GEN Europe.

Action plan for 2018

  • To present different detailed proposals to the GEN Europe Council for shared discussion.  

  • To bring a joint proposal on how to implement sociocracy from the WG and the Council to the GA in 2018.  

  • To bring forward a capacity building component for GEN members to know how to implement and work with sociocracy (utilizing the Erasmus+ scheme).   


Requirements to join the group

Practical experience with sociocracy (this group is not an introduction to sociocracy group) and willingness to meet monthly over Zoom (first Thursday every month at 5 pm) and probably to do some work in between meetings.  


People who like to think of organisational culture and strategy.
People who like to train others in sociocracy.



Stella, Ralf, Arne, Camilla, Fredjan, Kristiane, Charlie, Genny, Irene  


Write an email to Charlie - charlie.lenglez(at)