Fundraising Working Group


The mandate of the Fundraising WG is to launch a fundraising cycle that will enable GEN Europe:

  • to become a more sustainable organisation by supporting organisational overheads/infrastructure;

  • to strengthen GEN Europe's advocacy by being present in events at local and institutional level in collaborations with other like minded organisations;

  • to support the development of working group activities and meetings;

  • to support initiatives and members’ projects which are in line with the vision of the organisation

  • to organise, to support the creation of a bursary fund to increase youth’s active participation to GEN Europe events.

Proposed Action Plan for 2018

As a first step, launch a collaborative team that will also work as an additional resource with the GEN Europe office in this field,

• Identify and select a range of funds, leverage and fundraising  tools that can be implemented, on short and mid-term

• Design and prepare the basis of an inspired collaborative fundraising strategy, and propose a set of purpose/goals that will be served, with the aim of having such strategy and set of goals be presented and proposed to the GA


Requirements to join the group

  • Some experience with crowdfunding, and fundraising tools, or a strong will to try

  • Experience with organising public events

  • Knowledge of the ecovillage environment and of transition challenges


  • Knowledge of web fundraising tools

  • Videographers

  • Graphists, illustrators, humorists,

  • Writers, actors, acrobats, clowns,

  • Advocaters

  • Flowing creativity, a good sense of humor, patience


Write an email to Isabelle : isabelle(at)