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Membership for ecovillages

Ecovillage initiatives in all stages of formation and forming national networks can become ASPIRING MEMBERS.

Fully established ecovillages and national networks qualify to be FULL MEMBERS.

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Membership categories

Supportive membership

GEN Europe supportive members are individuals or organisations who share our vision, wish to support the work of GEN and become part of our network. They are not invited to the General Assembly, but those who are well known to us can participate on request. For ecovillage supporters the yearly fee is 30-600 Euro (sliding scale).

Aspiring membership

Aspiring members are ecovillage initiatives in all stages of formation and forming national networks. Aspiring members are invited to the General Assembly but do not have the right to vote. The yearly membership fee is 50-600 Euro (sliding scale).

Full membership

This membership is available for fully established ecovillages and national networks. The yearly membership fee is 100-600 Euro (sliding scale), depending on the size of ecovillage.

Membership for ecovillages

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EmerGENcies Protocol:

GEN is already a silent force engaged in humanitarian Aid all over the world. Look at our map of emergencies actions; there are many members with large involvement in post-disasters scenarios. Help us to help them. We aim to offer a holistic dimension on refugees and refugee' camps; everywhere, the solutions we bring are wellcomed: help us to spread them where they are needed!

We are now working in the Mediterranean area, trying to set a network around our common and shared sea, with members from North Africa, Middle East and South Europe; help us to reach the other shore...

Thank you for considering supporting the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe financially! 

Your contribution - large or small - is truly appreciated.

Payment options

You can either use paypal or transfer the chosen amount to our bank account.

Bank account

Postbank Berlin, bank code 10010010,
Account no. 7681105
IBAN: DE 11100100100007681105


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