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Why become a member of GEN Europe?

As a membership-based organisation, at the heart of GEN Europe are the dozens of communities around Europe that have decided to actively contribute to our shared vision of a widespread and vibrant network of urban and rural communities and ecovillages to support a humane, resilient and sustainable Europe. 

To date, over 110 ecovillages have joined our movement, benefiting from unique networking opportunities at our Conference and National Network gatherings, funding opportunities, training and learning, and much more.

Become a member of GEN Europe and...

  • Be part of an international network of communities
  • Participate in our annual conference for a reduced fee
  • Receive exclusive communications and publicise your courses and events through our newsletters and mailing lists
  • Become eligible to apply for the €3000 Hildur Jackson award
  • Shape the future of the ecovillage movement through joining working groups like advocacy, projects, and governance.
  • Be part of the wider European network of community-led sustainability projects through our membership of ECOLISE, of which GEN Europe is a co-founder. 
  • Support the pioneering of new models for equitable, sustainable communities
  • Join thousands of individuals in hundreds of communities who are walking their talk, being part of the transition to the humane and sustainable world we want to see.

GEN-Europe Membership Categories

Individual Membership

GEN Europe individual members are individuals or organisations who are not ecovillages but share the vision of GEN-Europe, wish to support our work and become part of our network. They are not invited to the General Assembly, but those who are well known to us can participate on request. For individual supporters the yearly fee is 30-600 Euro (sliding scale).

Aspiring membership

Aspiring members are ecovillage initiatives in all stages of formation and forming national networks. Aspiring members are invited to the General Assembly but do not have the right to vote. The yearly membership fee is 50-600 Euro (sliding scale).

Full membership

This membership is available for fully established ecovillages and national networks. The yearly membership fee is 100-600 Euro (sliding scale), depending on the size of ecovillage.

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