NextGEN Europe

Photo: Ciska van Stuijvenberg

NextGEN is youth arm of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), serving as its own global network for Ecovillage youth – with presence in all five regions of GEN.

Our mission is "To stand as living examples of young people intentionally connecting with and taking action in their communities or ecovillages. To provide education and opportunities to collaborate for young people ready to co-create a peaceful and regenerative culture."

NextGEN is an international organisation that coordinates its work by organising as a network of autonomous Regions across Latin America (CASA Jovenes), Oceania & Asia (NextGENOA), North America (NextGENNA), NextGEN Africa, and NextGEN Europe.

In Europe we organise ourselves sociocratically through a Circle that has representatives from the GEN Europe Council and Staff; each of our projects and focus areas, including youth exchanges through the YestoSustainability project; plus two representatives/links to the international NextGEN Youth Council, and our Operations Manager.

Currently we are focusing on the combination of internal and external areas that are:

Training and upskilling of young people interested in taking on leadership roles within the GEN networks

Organising of youth focused events and youth exchanges and/or through co-holding their corresponding GEN Regions' annual conferences

Outreach: Consolidation of visual identity and online presence through websites, social media and other media content

Education: The continuation of threading sustainability education throughout all events and projects

For more information on what we do please visit our international landing page and don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Photo: Ciska van Stuijvenberg