Start a National Network


What is a National Network?

GEN National Networks bring together and give a platform to a wide variety of projects and players related to community empowerment and sustainability in a particular country or bioregion. They provide invaluable support for civil society engagement by organising national gatherings as platforms for the exchange of best practice, and the creation of synergies between diverse actors. They build bridges between civil society initiatives and policy makers, between academia, green business and practitioners.

What are the requirements for becoming a National Network?

A key requirement for starting a national network is the existence of at least three ecovillage-projects in your country. Ecovillages are urban or rural human-scale settlements consciously designed through local, participatory processes to secure long-term sustainability. All four dimensions (the economic, ecological, social and cultural) are seen as essential.


An Ecovillage Network is a network of ecovillages, intentional communities or like-minded projects. It can be national or (macro-)regional, cultural or bioregional. Ecovillage Networks can also be diverse networks that have a strong focus on community living, as well as thematic networks (networks that follow a particular philosophy, e.g. Krishna Communities, Camphill), whose vision and goals are in accordance with the vision and goals of GEN.


Established ecovillage networks


•       have at least three established ecovillages or intentional communities associated


•       have elected representatives


•       are registered as an organisation


•       have an email address and website for the network


•       organise network activities such as an annual gathering

How to start a National Network

There are many ways to kick-start a thriving National Network in your country! In this document you can read a suggested pathway and take steps to start a Network.