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Articles are reprinted with permission from the following sources: Permaculture Magazine, Resurgence, Cohousing and Communities Magazine, The Worldwatch Institute, The Ecologist, Abroad View magazine, Schumacher College. (In order of first publishing contact with this site).

We thank the authors and Editors for publishing rights. Copyright might apply. Click here for further information on these magazines.

econnection free download

  • LR Econnection NR1 10-10 02.pdfHere you can download the econnection GEN magazine from 2010. The issue focuses on results of the GEN Europe general assembly and the conference in Damanhur and it is quite news-like with an aim to give a comprehensive overview of what happened at that year’s GA.

Practice of Sustainability in an Ecovillage

Is there a solution to the self-destructive conduct of our society ? Ecological Footprint of Krishna Valley in Hungary

Ecovillages: A Model Life?

More people are turning to eco communities as a viable alternative to urban life. Are you nature-starved, lonely, and fed up with the materialism,...

Ecovillage Living in Russia

The Birth Of The Ecovillage In the spring of 2001 a group of environmental enthusiasts introduced the head of the administration of Maloyaroslavets...

Worldwatch Institute - Engaging Communities for a Sustainable World

...In the middle of this car-centric infrastructure—what some might call “sprawl”— lies a little green oasis: the Los Angeles Ecovillage (LAEV). This...

From Eco-Kooks to Eco-Consultants

After decades of being more or less off the radar—dismissed as kooks and freaks—ecovillage initiatives around the world are now increasingly...

Children and Cohousing - The Birth of an International Social Movement

Pioneer of the cohousing movement, Hildur Jackson, describes the positive implications of this 40 year experiment and how it all began. Do women...


08.10.2014 NextGEN GENOA

NextGEN GENOA, the youth arm of GENOA has been really active, working with youth in Korea and facilitating workshops for NextGEN Korea. NextGEN...

25.09.2014 From China with love... Cordial Invitation from the Second Home for Permaculture and Nature Farming Experts to Give Guidance

As we have written a while ago, the largest ecovillage in China had to surrender the dispute with the authorities this year. The three branches of...

19.09.2014 GEN-DACH: Offering ecovillage movement as a feasible solution for the post-growth future

Fourth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity