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Articles are reprinted with permission from the following sources: Permaculture Magazine, Resurgence, Cohousing and Communities Magazine, The Worldwatch Institute, The Ecologist, Abroad View magazine, Schumacher College. (In order of first publishing contact with this site).

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Youth-Led Societal Innovation for Resilience - Volunteer for a Better World!


Experiencing with Biogas in Arterra, Spain.

Producing our own energy from our kitchen waste.

GEN+20 Summit in Findhorn, July 2015

Scroll down for Spanish version... GEN+20 Summit took place this past July, 2015. For the occasion, the usual annual conference of GEN...

Integration Ecovillage – solving for migration and eco-livelihoods

A team of engineers, students and philanthropists from multiple nationalities have come together to build ecovillages as a solution to migration...

First Gaia School in Estonia – Different Kind of Education

In the summer of 2014, Estonia witnessed the establishment of its first-ever elementary school that applies Gaia education principles. This project...

Grass-root Umbrella Movement Reshaping Social Values

Can we be a few steps ahead of current policy-makers and get them to follow us? Can the non-governmental sector be the leader and not the follower?...


14.12.2015 refuGEN

GEN Takes Action regarding the Refugee Crisis on the Island of Lesvos

30.11.2015 GEN-Europe at COP21

  GEN Europe is at the COP21 forum in Paris! You can find general information about the event here. Many of you would have heard about this...


21 representatives from nine European National Ecovillage Networks met in Torri Superiore, Italy, from October 31 to November 4, to begin designing...