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Articles are reprinted with permission from the following sources: Permaculture Magazine, Resurgence, Cohousing and Communities Magazine, The Worldwatch Institute, The Ecologist, Abroad View magazine, Schumacher College. (In order of first publishing contact with this site).

We thank the authors and Editors for publishing rights. Copyright might apply. Click here for further information on these magazines.

Grass-root Umbrella Movement Reshaping Social Values

Can we be a few steps ahead of current policy-makers and get them to follow us? Can the non-governmental sector be the leader and not the follower?...

Social sustainability in ecovillages – returning to humanity

Ecovillages are not merely environmentally sustainable. They are actually leading the social transformation away from the industrial era's social...

Ecovillage Experience Seen as Key in Wellbeing Research

An international interdisciplinary scientific conference “Quality of life - the indicator of economic policy effectiveness (QOL’2014)” held on 12...

Econnection (2010)

Here you can download the econnection GEN magazine from 2010. The issue focuses on results of the GEN Europe general assembly and the conference in...

Practice of Sustainability in an Ecovillage

Is there a solution to the self-destructive conduct of our society ? Ecological Footprint of Krishna Valley in Hungary

Ecovillages: A Model Life?

More people are turning to eco communities as a viable alternative to urban life. Are you nature-starved, lonely, and fed up with the materialism,...


18.02.2015 First-ever ECOLISE GA Reinforces Coalition

Freiburg University and eco-municipality network ICLEI hosted the first ECOLISE general assembly 6-8 February. This new European network of...

15.02.2015 Uplifting Belarusian Ecovillage Movement Gathers Hundreds

The 9th Open All-Belarusian Forum of Ecovillages and Family Estate Creators will be held in Minsk 28 February 2015.

03.02.2015 Exciting Permaculture Design Course Coming up in Findhorn

A new  Permaculture Design Course is to take place from 9 - 22 May 2015 at The Park ecovillage, Findhorn, part of the  inspirational...