European Voluntary Service

Have you ever dreamed of living in community? Wanted to learn about sustainable ways of growing, building, and being? Have you imagined exploring a different kind of life, but not known where to start?

If you’re aged between 17-30, a European Voluntary Service opportunity with GEN-Europe is the chance for you to do just that!

At GEN we’re committed to opening the world of ecovillages and sustainable culture to as many people as possible – and we want to put young people at the heart of it. That’s why we’re accredited as a European Voluntary Service (EVS) receiving organisation.

EVS provides an opportunity for young people aged 17-30 from across Europe to contribute to a better world through meaningful volunteer work, experiential learning and intercultural exchange. GEN-Europe welcomes European youth interested in ecovillages and sustainable living to experience and contribute to community life in ecovillages across our network. You could find yourself managing an organic garden, learning the latest eco-building techniques, organising international events, and much more – all you need is enthusiasm, a hands-on attitude, and a genuine curiosity to live and learn about a more sustainable way of being.

As an EVS participant, all your costs are covered by Erasmus+ funding, including travel, food, and accomodation – so there’s no better way to get immersed in the culture of sustainability and community!

Current EVS Opportunities with GEN-Europe

We don’t have any new EVS vacancies open right now. New opportunities will be posted here as they become available. Check back soon!

You can also browse opportunities on the European Youth Portal.

Our current EVS projects

GEN-Europe is currently involved in two EVS projects:

Youth Cultivating a Culture of Knowledge (YCCK2):

The YCCK2 project brings volunteers from the UK and Italy to two Spanish ecovillages for six months to immerse themselves in a learning journey through the realm of sustainable agriculture: from organic and permacultural traditions, to biodynamic and regenerative techniques. During their stay they’ll also experience community-building, self-development and intercultural exchange as they live and work in two thriving communities.

The volunteers are based in the communities of Arterra Bizimodu (Navarra), Valdepiélagos (Madrid), and Los Portales (Seville).

Strengthening Youth Participation in Ecovillage Networks (SYPEN) June-July 2017

SYPEN is an exciting venture involving ten volunteers from Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK and Slovakia who are passionate about learning more about the world of ecovillages. Together, they’ll play a key role in preparing the European Ecovillage Network Conference hosted in Angsbacka, Sweden. During their EVS they’ll gain a rich experience in international event management and cross-cultural team-building, as well as having the opportunity to live and learn in two communities that are models of sustainable development: Angsbacka and Suderbyn.

Would your community like to welcome young European volunteers?

The benefits of welcoming EVS volunteers to your community can be immense: fresh energy, new skills, cultural exchange, and a financial contribution to your community's costs. If your ecovillage or community would like to receive EVS volunteers, the following links may be helpful.

Get accredited: In order to receive EVS volunteers, your organisation must first become accredited as a receiving organisation. For information about becoming accredited in your country, you can read the accreditation guidelines and contact your National Agency: find their details here.

Submit a proposal: once you are accredited, you may submit a project proposal, which sets out what you can offer volunteers, the volunteer profile you are seeking, your project budget, and more. Your national agency can help you, and further details can be found in the programme guide.


GEN-Europe runs courses to build the capacity of communities to participate in EVS activities, from accreditation to evaluation. Details of new courses will be posted on this page, so stay tuned!