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National Networks Meeting

This is a compilation of the outcomes of the National Networks Meeting, including pieces from the minutes and additional information. See the minutes for more detailed information on meeting outcomes.

download full text minutes

download powerpoint by Edward

Information on National Networks

GEN Networks Overview

Posters of the National Networks

Denmark: http://okosamfund.dk/
Estonia: http://www.kogukonnad.ee/
Finland: http://rihmasto.fi/skey
France: http://rfev.free.fr/
Iberia: http://rie.ecovillage.org/ (this is a GEN Sites page!)
Italy: http://www.ecovillaggi.it/
Latvia: http://www.ekociemati.lv
Lithuania: http://ekogyvenvietes.lt/
Norway: http://okosamfunn.no/
Russia: http://gen-russia.ru/
Sweden: http://ekobyar.se/
Turkey: www.ekoyer.org



ERASMUS+ - The New Grundtvig
Useful links:
EU page on ERASMUS+
EU page on Grundtvig
National Agencies
Programme guide

Grundtvig Mobility
download Ulrike‘s powerpoint on Grundtvig mobility

A working group of experienced fundraisers has formed to work on a draft application that will be shared within our networks and that everyone can adapt to their circumstances. If you wish to receive it, subscribe to this mailing list.

The group also prepared a strategy paper that explains the concept simply on 2 pages and how GEN can use it.

download strategy paper

What you can do to get started:

  • Get a PIC number for your applicant organisation

  • more information in English of can be found here
  • Contact your national agency to ask about local rules, requirements and support (if you do not know who they are, try to google Erasmus+ and your country name)
  • Compile a list of

    • Your training needs and enter here
    • Courses that you are offering that could be good for others/and international audience and enter here
    • Teachers you would like to invite to your country/organisation and enter here

  • Click here to see the table of offers
  • If you are working on an application, subscribe to this mailing list to receive updates and share information with others

Useful links:
how to apply (information in English)
application form (draft version)
application forms are now available through your National Agency

Other funding possibilities

  • Youth in Action
  • Crowdfunding
  • Horizon 2020 – EU’s research and innovation program
  • Erasmus Internships/ Work Placements can be used for extended ecovillage stays (for students)
  • EU InterReg – to replicate the Baltic Ecovillages for Sustainable Rural Development. Project plans are underway in the Danube region, and interest in the Mediterranean

Information about GEN International and GEN Europe

Until recently, work in GEN International has been held largely by GEN Europe. Now, with the creation of GEN Africa and the strengthening of the other regional networks, it is time to shift some functions and responsibilities from GEN Europe to GEN International. These areas are PR and design, IT, education and research and to some extent also fundraising. All regional networks will still have all these functions to a smaller extent, but the main holder will be GEN International. The shift is part of the larger process of creating a more coherent organisational structure for GEN International and the regions.

GEN international is developing a structure of interrelated working group that
also GEN Europe is planning to adopt. View GEN structure chart.

GEN is also working on developing new and shorter courses as well as a pool of
GEN trainers.

Ecovillages Project

The 3-year Baltic Sea Region project Ecovillages for Sustainable Rural Development has now ended.
The project produced several project outputs, among them three manuals that can be downloaded on their website, in several languages.

Inspiring Stories from Ecovillages: Experiences with Ecological Technologies and

Living in Harmony: Inspiring Stories from Ecovillages
The Enterprising Ecovillager. Achieving Community Development through
Innovative Green Entrepreneurship

Policy Recommendations

The Baltic Ecovillage Road Project

Ecovillages Brochure

This is the new German brochure on ecovillages Ulrike showed (some of) you at
the meeting. GEN Europe will translate it into English.
Feel free to translate and adapt for use in your network. If you do that, please
send your version back to Ulrike.


Brochure Indesign Version

General Assembly and Conference 2014

The GA starts after dinner July 6. Conference starts after dinner July 8 and runs until the 13th of July. This year we meet in ZEGG.

All full members can make proposals. Deadline for proposals is 60 days before the GA. Email Ulrike for questions or to submit a proposal.

The main organisers of the conference this year are Kosha and Pavitra. Contact them for questions, suggestions, program points etc.

After the conference: Thomas invites all interested for a short tour of German communities. 

GEN Conference 2014 page

Working Groups

For an overview of all working groups click here.

Grundtvig Mobility

To stay connected, receive information, share with others and get support for
your application, subscribe to this mailing list. Ulrike is coordinating this group.

Ecovillage Incubator

A translation of the documentation of the RIE process will be available soon (by
Presentation of incubators during GEN Conference this summer organised by

Relationships between GEN Europe and National Networks

This is a long-term initiative to join in the continual development of GEN and
find good ways to grow and support all of GEN Europe together. Dialogue and
cooperation with GEN Council and ecovillage members is necessary.

Coordinated by Kariin.

Advocacy and Political Strategies

Anton, Nara and Nicholas are preparing a strategy paper for the GA.
Useful ressources:
Policy Recommendations by Baltic Ecovillages Project
Italian law proposal about legal recognition of communities by CONACREIS
and RIVE. contact: Macaco
Italian law proposal

Spirit of Europe Tour

The project is a tour through Europe to present GEN, Transition Towns and
Permaculture through visits, workshops, advocacy, media and fun. The plan is
to travel during summer 2015, and ideally attend the GEN Conference in
Findhorn along the way.

Thomas is coordinating the project.

How to organise National Networks

Some work on national networks has been done before in GEN Europe and also
around the process of GEN Africa emerging. Here are the documents that were
produced, feel free to build on any of these if appropriate:

Steps towards starting national networks
Guidelines for recognition of ecovillages

Grundtvig Strategic Partnership

A group started meeting around the idea to start a Grundtvig Partnership
between national networks. Join the mailing list here.

If you have any problems subscribing, contact Kadri.

Open ends

Economy, GEN-currency and exchange between ecovillages. This is a good topic for the GA and conference. Matthew Slater is developing the platform GEN Interexchange and is now contacting ecovillages to research needs and opportunities.

There is still a need to clarify and work on the future relationship between the GEN Europe Council and this new emerging structure of a network of networks. To have an active network of networks is a historical shift in our organisation. How do we fit together, what are our interests and how can we best support each other? It would be great to have a conversation with Council about this during the GA.

Some question marks about how welcome decentralised initiatives for Grundtvig applications really are. Can the networks go ahead, or must they wait for approval from Council? This still needs to be discussed and addressed.

Next National Networks Meetings

The networks will meet during the conference, in the afternoon of Friday July 11. Time is limited, however, and the conference program is packed as usual.

Networks will also meet in January 2015 for a longer meeting similar to the one at Torri Superiore. Suggested location is Los Portales in Spain (thank you!). Ulrike and Genny hold main responsibility – with the help and support of everyone.

If needed and wanted, the networks could also meet in the autumn of 2014. RIVE cannot make it the last weekend of October, and November is very busy for LØS.

Posters of the National Networks


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