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National Networks

GEN national networks bring together and give a platform to a wide variety of projects and players related to community empowerment and sustainability. They provide an invaluable support for civil society engagement by organising national gatherings as platforms for the exchange of best practice, and the creation of synergies. They build bridges between civil society initiatives and policy makers, between academia, green business and practitioners.

Read more about how to start a network here.

Countries with existing National Networks

Austria:   GEN-Austria 

Bulgaria:   Bulgarian Ecovillage Network (BEN)

Denmark:   Landsforeningen for Okosamfund (LOES)

Estonia:   GEN-Estonia

Finland:   GEN Finland SKEY

France:   Colibris

Germany:   GEN Deutschland - Netzwerk für Gemeinschaften e.V.

Hungary:   GEN Hungary

Poland:   Polish Ecovillage Network (WAS)

Italy:   Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici (RIVE)

Israel:   GEN-Israel

Netherlands:   Ecodorpen Netwerk Nederland

Norway:   Norske Økosamfunn Forening

Russia:   Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Network (REEN)

Sweden:   Ekobyarnas Riksorganisation (ERO)

Switzerland:   GEN Suisse

Turkey:   Turkish National Network Ecoyer


Bio/regional Networks:

Balkan:   Balkan Ecovillage Network (BEN)

Baltic Sea:  Baltic Ecovillage Network (BEN)

Iberian Peninsula (Portugal + Spain):   Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas (RIE)




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