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GEN-Europe at COP21

  GEN Europe has a place in a stand at COP21 forum in Paris. You can find general information about the event here.

  Under the umbrella of ECOLISE, we are sharing a space with other major European networks such as the Permaculture movement, Transition Towns, ICLEI, Gaia Education. ECOLISE is our common platform for lobbing interests in the European headquarters in Brussels. The COP21 is -again- our last opportunity to force the global decision-makers to shift from a unsustainable model, based on the abuse of our planetary resources towards an alternative one, based on fairness, justice and ecological awareness.  The right time to reverse our contribution to climate change has passed almost 100 years ago. Nowadays, global corporations, private and political interests make it difficult to launch  sustainable radical solutions.

  GEN Europe has two proposals on the ground: the work trough ECOLISE to defend our position in European Parliament with clear demands and bringing real solutions, and the disclosure of our alternative model of sustainable development based on environmental care and care for people. We are proud to be a realistic and desirable alternative model, and have our own strategy of economic transition to a future independent from non-renewable energy.

   We hope that our voice and our proposals are heard during the event. Do not forget to visit us there! We have a stand at the Climate Change area at Le Bourget Conference Center, together with the different organizations forming ECOLISE.  We will present some visual material on the achievements of GEN-Europe and GEN International is setting up a beautiful and inspiring document which showcases ecolvillages from around the globe. You may also find us around “Place to B” (see the program here) an inspiring area with a lots of proposals around Climate Change issues.

 We are certain that there will be the opportunity to make important agreements during the COP21; hopefully those with power to change environmental policies will recognize and promote laws protecting the rights of nature. It is time to move from the top of the predatory pyramid  down to the base to develop a model that allows coexistence respecting all other beings that inhabit the planet.

GEN consists of a constantly expanding network of intentional com­munities, ecovillages and national ecovillage networks, bridging all cultures and continents. 
GEN envisions the emergence of a diverse yet shared global pool of wisdom for sustainable living. 
GEN believes that the most underutilised resource we have is the good intentions and creativity of citizens and our willingness to make a difference.
GEN promotes the building of community and solidarity as core to transition to resilience.
GEN-Europe promotes the development of sustainable settle­ments in Europe and the Middle East.

What is an Ecovillage?

  An ecovillage is a human-scale settlement consciously designed through participatory processes to secure long-term sustainability. All four dimensions ( the economic, ecological, social and cul­tural ) are seen as mutually reinforcing. Attention to each is essential for holistic and healthy community development. The power of human communities to come together and co-design their own pathway into the future is seen as a major driving force for positive change. The good intentions and creativity of citizens and their willingness to make a difference is one of the most underutilized resources we have today. Ecovillages are an outcome of citizens walking their talk in lowering ecological footprints while increasing their sense of belonging and purpose. Ecovillages are rapidly gaining recognition as demonstrations sites of sustainability in practice and as places of inspiration for the wider society. Ecovillage projects demonstrate that it is within human capacity and knowledge to consciously enhance and improve the environments in which we live.

  Ecovillages are one solution to the major problems of our time - the planet is experiencing the limits to growth, and our lives are often lacking meaningful content. According to increasing numbers of scientists, we have to learn to live sustain­ably if we are to survive as a species. read more...


  The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) was set up in 1995 to support the experimental creation and preservation of human settlements that not only sustain, but regenerate their social and natural environments. Ecovillages are communities with vibrant social structures, vastly diverse, yet united in common ecological, economic, social and cultural values and goals. They spring from the good intentions and creativity of citizens, and their willingness to make a difference. 

  Today GEN contains an innovative alliance between intentional communities (with some of the lowest per capita carbon footprints in the industrialized world) and networks of traditional villages. read more...

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  GEN Europe is having a place in a stand at COP21 forum in Paris. You can find general information about the event here.   Under the...


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