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A Movement for lived sustainability

GEN consists of a constantly expanding network of intentional comĀ­munities and ecovillages bridging all cultures and continents. 
GEN envisions the emergence of a diverse yet shared global pool of wisdom for sustainable living. 
GEN believes that the most underutilised resource we have is the good intentions and creativity of citizens and our willingness to make a difference.
GEN promotes the building of community and solidarity as core to transition to resilience.
GEN-Europe promotes the development of sustainable settleĀ­ments in EuropeAfrica and the Middle East.

Gen-Europe is currently supporting the emergence of GEN-Africa as an independent network in order to make more visible the dynamic and impressive work already being done on the ground all over Africa. more


31.01.2015 Hurdal Ecovillage Inspires Regional Transformation

Attaining sustainability is achieved through change at the local level. 70% of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions come from cities so...

30.01.2015 Ecovillage Economy Tour: Conclusion

I've had the honour of spending a couple of days in several ecovillages, but I didn't manage to write economic profiles of all of them! (Valle de...

30.12.2014 EU approves GEN training platform to involve youth in transition

On 18 December a GEN consortium of seven members from seven countries was awarded around EUR 160 000 from the Erasmus+ programme to develop an online...


Conference 2014

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