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XIX° Italian ecovillage network meeting “ferments of common's life”

The Italian Ecovillage Network had is annual meeting between the 23th and the 26th July 2015 in Tuscany at “Habitat Ecovillage”. A colorful community joined together from all parts of Italy to share ideas and practices towards a more sustainable approach to Mother Earth.

It was extremely hot, but people managed to enjoy the meeting under the extreme heat.

It was amazing how six hundreds people, sleeping in tents, with only essential services could enjoy this event in simplicity, harmony and with a total spirit of adaptation.

It was a full immersion in the essence of nature,even when we had a huge thunderstorm, people enjoyed the event as an opportunity to be more in contact with the power of nature. The Italian coevally network summer meeting celebrated his 19th birthday. Since the last 6 years, the meeting was opened to all people interested or just curious about the Ecovillage life-style. During the four days meeting, we had the opportunity to show the ecovillage experience and the all implication of this movement. We had the chance to tell stories about life in communities and to share information about ecological and practical solutions to become more sustainable.


During the morning time we had many workshops related to the four dimensions of Gaia wheel and also we had some meetings with a specific title. During the afternoon there was the opportunity to meet people who are creating new Ecovillage’s project and to meet people living in existing Ecovillages.. Every day, from 7 to 8 pm, we had “ Regional Clan meetings” where groups of people coming from the same areas of Italy met to share their emotions, ideas and future plans, in order to know each other better and to create the seed for new projects and collaborations all over the country.

After dinner....lots of fun!!! We had Live music, documentaries, videos, improvisations, theatre while some people continued to enjoy together till late.

We had the pleasure to have Eian Smith and Carolina Nuti from Findhorn and Nara Petrovic and Manja Vrenko from slovenian ecovillage network. They shared with us stories about their communities and left good feedbacks about our logistic, organization, and their positive feelings experienced during the event.. Since we had international guests in the past few years, we decided to create a space for them to feel welcomed and to give an opportunity to us all to share our experiences thanks to our team of translators.

The summit logistic

This event was possible only with the help of 60 volunteers working for a week before the meeting to build all the necessary structures and services needed. .

We had 3 big tents made of recycled plastic posters, 9 modular reusable compost toilets (1 for disable person), 15 showers made with recycled pallets, 3 dish washing points (everyone brought his plate and washed it after every meal), 1 pipìponik ( a permaculture device similar to a compost toilet but used only for urine, where the liquid helps plants to grow), two self-built earth ovens and 1 self-built mobiles charger powered by solar energy.

RIVE spent about 10.000 euros to serve organic food for all guests and to provide a space according to law. The price for the event was designed to involve as many people as possible with cheap prices to members (30 euros for the all event including meals). For visitors, we have different payment: 3 days 80 Euro, 2 days 70 Euro, and 1 day 55 Euro (all including meals). We choose this price-list in order to avoid people visiting the venue just for the weekend, in a superficial manner, and in order to support our members by refunding their trip to this location. Our priority was to create a space for people living in the Ecovillages to meet each other during the first two days and to open to visitors for the rest of the meeting.

A sum of 8000 euros was paid to Habit Ecovillage to host the event, while the rest of the money will be used to support members for the following meetings during the year and to organize next year summer camp.

More information

If you want know more about the Italian Ecovillage Network - RIVE, you can write to internazionale@ecovillaggi.it or follow us in our facebook page: Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici.

We're sorry but we have only italian web site (www.ecovillaggi.it) but you can read about the ecovillages and new RIVE projects here: ecovillaggi.it/attachments/article/73/RIVE BOOKLET 2015 eng def.pdf


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