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Internship opportunity for GEN in Findhorn Ecovillage in the North of Scotland

Invitation to young change makers – come and support a global movement!

Hello everyone,

my name is Barbara, I’m a French student about 23 years old and I’ve found the opportunity to work for the Global Ecovillage Network during 9 months, as an Intern assisting the coordination of activities run by the office in Findhorn and the regional networks. This goes very good along with my masters degree which is about international cooperation and sustainable development. I would like to share with you my experience of working for GEN in Findhorn in case you may find it interesting to work with us!

It’s been over 4 months that I’ve started my mission now and I have to say that so far I didn’t have time to get bored of it! This network is really full of possibilities and even if it’s require a lots of administrative work by treatment of emails, writings of projects, web graphic, researches... I get the chance to reach many projects and activists from all over the world and could meet most of them in the future.
The best example I can share is our main project last December. We organized a 4-day conference that gathered over 55 activists from all over Africa…and this happened in Egypt! Now the GEN-Africa Network is officially born, and everything is happening really fast! 
So I had the chance to participate in the conception of this event, connect with all these activists and meet them in person. I’ve discovered another example of lifestyle in the ecovillage who hosted us for the conference, and got inspired by all the sharing of experiences from the others participants - so strongly connected around the same goal … In two words I would say “learning by sharing”. I believe this is mainly what GEN is all about. 

I should say also few words about Findhorn Foundation here.
This Ecovillage is well developed and represent a good example of what a spiritual community is, looking for well being and sharing. The area around the village is simply beautiful. The beach, the dunes, the bay, the forest ... I can’t get enough of it! I’m also glad there are often little events organized by inhabitants and help is always welcome if you want to get more involved in the community life. 

I should stop now, but if you would like more information please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about the projects you could be involved in.  

If you are from Europe, several European grants are accessible that make it possible to cover the financial costs of your internship. For example I received two grants: Leonardo Mobility Program for 6 months and Gruntvig Visit and Exchanges for 3 months. The Leonardo program is related to a partnership between my school and the program but it should not be that difficult to set up this partnership for your organisation. I believe this program is also accessible by your national job agency for unemployed persons. For Grundtvig you don’t need any school or employer support. But for both, have in mind that you have to be European citizen… and be careful with the different deadline and requests for the applications! More info and existing programs at http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/ldv_en.htm.

If you want more information, again – please write us to barbara(at)gen-europe.org
We would be delighted to welcome you here!

Warm regards from the GEN-Findhorn office,



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