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A careful and conscious man is able to see three great today’s emergencies:

• the gravity of the environmental situation (physical-chemical/biological/electro-magnetic/radioactive pollution, transgenetics, shortage of drinkable water, etc.);

• the necessity to strengthen the nutritional value of food, so that it can sustain the man in all of his/her components (body, soul and spirit);

• the economic narrowness in which agriculture is now operating.

It is necessary to concretely look for new ways, and a help in such sense can come from the homeopathic medicine.

As well-known, the plant expresses no more than the 30-40% of its genetic patrimony (the DNA); the remainder part is present but "silent", which means “not expressed”. We can hypothesise than the vegetable world possess enormous possibilities of adaptation and answer to the above-mentioned critical phenomena that limit the agricultural production and increase the agricultural costs.

The homeodynamic method works stimulating these "silent" factors of life and developing the ability to bring adaptation and resistance to the parasites and the climatic stresses, so that a plant begins to reveal its precious safeguard action of life, its production skill and its quality.

The term "homeodynamic" points out that the interventions are effected with products collocable in the field of homeopathy, or rather interventions through which the contained information in one determined natural substance is "drawn out" through dyes or macerations, and therefore transmitted as information to the DNA of the plant, or to the Earth’s life, thanks to its watery component.

Since water is the base of every living being we get, in virtue of its ability to transmit information, the possibility to adequately stimulate all the forms of life.

This way the homeodynamic method can reach the stimulation of:

• the humus’ formation in the ground (also without organic substance support);

• the organic substance’s composting process;

• the activation of ground, plants and water purification processes;

• the principals vegetable trials (germination, flowering, sucker growth, maturation, formation of vitamins, active principles, etc.);

• the resistance to climatic stresses (cold, warm, dryness, dampness);

• the resistance to parasites and the infesting species;

• the resistance to brackish water;

• the resistance to OGM pollens;

• the resistance to electromagnetic fields.

Following these thoughts, some devices to strengthen the wetting capability of water (up to 6 times) have also been realised, devices that have shown themselves ideal for drought conditions.

The intervention methods of the homeodynamic products are extremely simple: the product is normally diluted in water by the farmer (10 ml of product in 40 litres for hectare) and bedewed on the field to thin drop.

The homeodynamic agriculture, using an homeopathic process, is absolutely set as an eco-friendly agricultural method (the homeodynamic products are, by fact, constituted at 100% by water) that contributes to produce foods of high quality in an economic way, allowing a sensible reduction of the production’s cost.

According to these considerations, the homeodynamic method presents itself as a valid answer to be considered to the three emergencies listed above.


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