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GEN-Europe at COP21

  GEN Europe is at the COP21 forum in Paris! You can find general information about the event here. Many of you would have heard about this gathering by now. It has been in the news as the world leaders smile and shake hands before the cameras. But what does it mean for an organization like ours and why are we there?

  Under the umbrella of ECOLISE, we share a space with other major European networks such as the Permaculture movement, Transition Towns, ICLEI and Gaia Education. ECOLISE is our common platform to lobby our concerns at the European headquarters in Brussels. The COP21 is once again our last opportunity to convince the global decision-makers to shift from a unsustainable model, based on the abuse of our planetary resources towards an alternative one, based on fairness, justice and ecological awareness. Even though the opportunity to halt global warming and to start to reverse its effects has been missed more than 100 years ago, we still have a moral inner drive to do the right thing for our earth. And even still we find that global corporations, private and political interests make it difficult to launch the sustainable solutions that are much needed right now.

  GEN Europe has two proposals on the ground: the work trough ECOLISE to defend our position in the European Parliament with clear demands and bringing real solutions, and the disclosure of our alternative model of sustainable development based on environmental care and care for people. We are proud to be a realistic and desirable alternative model, and have our own strategy of economic transition to a future that is not held to ransom by non-renewable energy.

   We hope that our voice and our proposals are heard during the event. Do not forget to visit us there! We have a stand at the Climate Change area at Le Bourget Conference Center, together with the different organizations forming ECOLISE.  We will present some visual material on the achievements of GEN-Europe and GEN International is setting up a beautiful and inspiring document which showcases ecolvillages from around the globe. You may also find us around “Place to B” (see the program here) an inspiring area with a lots of proposals around Climate Change issues.

 We are certain that there will be an opportunity to make important agreements during the COP21; hopefully those with power to change environmental policies will recognize and promote laws protecting the rights of nature. It is time to move from the top of the predatory pyramid  down to the base to develop a model that allows for a coexistence that respects all beings that inhabit the planet.


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