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Next Generation of Ecovillages

What is NextGEN?

NextGEN is a youth program of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) It shares the principles, concepts, and knowledge of the Ecovillage movement. 

NextGEN shares this wealth of knowledge with cities, universities, schools, businesses, governments, and communities. By integrating the knowledge of the ecovillage movement into the rest of the world, NextGEN is creating the next generation of ecovillages.

In July 2011, an international Youth Meeting was held in Tamera, Portugal, organised by young people for young people. Another meeting happened in October 2012 in ZEGG, Germany. This year NextGEN has met at GEN-Europe annual conference in Schweibenalp. 

GEN believes it is vitally important to reach out to Youth and inspire hope, enthusiasm, creativity and joy for the wellbeing of present and future generations on our planet. 

Sharing knowledge, tools and and our own commitment to better the world will empower young people to become effective change agents for a sustainable future. 



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