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Next Generation of Ecovillages

What is NextGEN-Europe?

NextGEN-Europe is the youth movement and arm of the European Global Ecovillage Network (GEN-Europe). NextGEN connects youth with the ecovillage movement and empowers them along with those already there, to build a more beautiful world for our generation, and those to come. NextGEN is by youth, for youth.

NextGEN-Europe was brought into the place it is today through a series of meetings over a period of three-four years.  From Tamera (Portugal) in 2011 to Zegg (Germany) in 2012, Schweibenalp (Switzerland) in 2013 and now back this summer to Zegg again (2014).  Alongside this growth and sometimes even jumping ahead of it, the NextGEN idea has spread throughout the world.  From South-American Nomadic caravans, to young Eco-Educators touring through schools throughout parts of Asia. From art projects on the streets of Kinshasa, the Kibera slums in Nairobi all the way to North American, German and even Scottish/Italian/Portugese Intentional Communities and Ecovillages, NextGEN has become an infectious physical dream calling the young people of the world, who know, to it.

NextGEN currently has active-ists in every continent (except Antarctica), almost every country in Europe, spreading through the states in the USA and roving about throughout Central and South-America.  Everyday it seems someone from a new African country speaks up or we bump into a new person on the street who have heard of it and know about us.

In North-America we have the upcoming ‘Youth Ecovillage Summit’ being held at the Sirius Ecovillage Intentional Community, which aims to ‘bring together youth living in intentional communities from across the states with those who are new to the movement. Here in Europe we have our upcoming Dream2Act conference and youth meeting alongside this summers GEN-Europe Conference in the Zegg Ecovillage.  This will be a meeting of Ecovillage youth and those wanting to get involved alike, over a period of 9 days.  There are just under 40 almost fully funded places from various European countries available thanks to the European Youth in Action Program, with up to another 40 places which will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis to those interested.

To find out more about our Dream2Act project/conference, please visit it's page HERE 

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NextGEN Europe Conference July 4th - 13th 2014 in ZEGG Germany

This year NextGEN-Europe conference will be an event full of opportunities to connect, share inspiration and weave a strong network. NextGEN - the youth organisation of GEN is calling for conference participants! NextGEN conference will happen overlapping with the GEN-Europe conference.

Young people from all over Europe will come together!

If you are a young person who is somehow involved in the ecovillage network - or you want to be so in the future - we warmly invite you to bring your experience, dreams and being into our conference! Young people who already live in ecovillages/sustainable communities, or those who are involved in sustainable or social projects are especially called. We want to hear your opinion and build connection between us - Europe’s next generation. more


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