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GEN-Europe staff members



Kosha Anja Joubert (general secretary of GEN-Europe, Findhorn, UK) Kosha Joubert was born and grew up in South Africa. The system of Apartheid deeply influenced her life’s path: She decided to devote herself to the study and practice of trustful communication and community building in diverse settings. She has been living in intentional communities for the past 20 years and currently serves as President of the Board of the GEN-International and Secretary General of GEN-Europe. Her last 10 years were spent in Sieben Linden, Germany. Recently she moved to Findhorn, Scotland, with her two children. She co-authored the Ecovillage Design Education Curriculum (www.gaiaeducation.org). Today, she organizes EDE-courses and trainings on social tools internationally and works as a facilitator and consultant. She co-edited Beyond You and Me - Inspirations and Wisdom for Building Community, Permanent Publications, 2007 with her partner, Robin Alfred. She has just had her first book published in Germany on the Power of Collective Wisdom and is looking forward to translating it into English. It is a joy and honour for her to be an active part of the ecovillage movement.

Robert Hall (Managing Director of GEN-Europe, Arterra, Spain) Robert Hall was born in Los Angeles and grew up in rural northern California. He received his Bachelors in International Relations from the University of California, Davis; a Bachelors in Economics from the Lund University, Sweden and an International Masters in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

Interested in global development issues, Robert has worked for the Swedish government, EU, OSCE and the UN, living at least one year in eight different countries. Visiting Svanholm Ecovillage, Denmark in the late 1980's Robert became fascinated with the ecovillage concept. After 20 years of visiting ecovillages all over the world, he finally help found Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage in Sweden 2008, which led to his involvement in the revival of the Swedish national network ERO in 2010, and then the creation of the regional Baltic Ecovillage Network in 2011. He was elected into the GEN Europe council in 2010 for 2 years. He became involved as well in GEN International and witnessed the birth of GEN Africa in 2012 before being elected GEN Managing Director by the membership in 2014. Since 2013 Robert has been assisting with the launch of the more-inclusive European ECOLISE network of local initiatives on behalf of GEN Europe. Robert is currently living in the newly founded Arterra Ecovillage. He continues to be fascinated by ecovillages and the wisdom that they collectively create and the potential they offer for the wider society's transition to resilience.

Project "Models fur sustainable living"

Kariin Ottmar (manager of the project Models of sustainable working, Ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany) Art therapist, psychologist, communications trainer and coach with long term experience working with groups, teams and individuals, trainer and facilitator of her own courses on community building, personal growth, sustainability. After her studies in psychology she worked as a project manager for a qualitative social research project (free university of Berlin) as long as she moved to Sieben Linden.

In Sieben Linden she has been living now since nine years, together with her son. In Sieben Linden she worked six years in the educational center for Sieben Linden as an educational referent, Since march 2013 she is working together with Jonathan as a project manager and trainer for the Global Ecoviallge Network.

Her passion is to support people, groups and communities in her personal and collective growth. It is delighting for her to be a part of the ecovillage movement.


Arturs Polis (Sieben Linden, Germany)
I have been interested in ecovillage movement since the age of 16 when I came across the books of Vladimir Megre telling about deep ecology, kin's domains and ecovillages as a solution for all the modern challanges. This positive vision and my own wish to create an ecovillage has drove me to immerse myself into the permaculture, ecovillage and transition movements. I decided to apply for EVS in GEN-Europe to experience living in a community, to learn from the experience of well established ecovillage, to be in the hotspot of amazing projects and activities and to support ecovillage movement in Europe and Latvia. I am volunteer of an 'European Voluntary Service' funded by the EU Youth in Action Program. 




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