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GEN-Europe staff members



Kosha Anja Joubert (general secretary of GEN-Europe, Findhorn, UK) Kosha Joubert was born and grew up in South Africa. The system of Apartheid deeply influenced her life’s path: She decided to devote herself to the study and practice of trustful communication and community building in diverse settings. She has been living in intentional communities for the past 20 years and currently serves as President of the Board of the GEN-International and Secretary General of GEN-Europe. Her last 10 years were spent in Sieben Linden, Germany. Recently she moved to Findhorn, Scotland, with her two children. She co-authored the Ecovillage Design Education Curriculum (www.gaiaeducation.org). Today, she organizes EDE-courses and trainings on social tools internationally and works as a facilitator and consultant. She co-edited Beyond You and Me - Inspirations and Wisdom for Building Community, Permanent Publications, 2007 with her partner, Robin Alfred. She has just had her first book published in Germany on the Power of Collective Wisdom and is looking forward to translating it into English. It is a joy and honour for her to be an active part of the ecovillage movement.

Ulrike Schimmel (general secretary of GEN, Sieben Linden, Germany): Ever since I have taken on the secretariat in late 2008, my dream has been to really make GEN-Europe (and, as an extension, GEN) thrive and flourish. I am really open to all kinds of strategies, how to achieve this: be it Grundtvig, or any other way to create more connection and networking in the GEN family,more funding for our projects, attract more members both among communities and individuals, and spread the word about the solutions we found to a wider audience, let the world know. I have been living in Sieben Linden Ecovillage for seven years and generally do a lot of very down to earth things like cooking for the community and gardening. Most of my energy is dedicated to parenting my three children.

Katrin Tulinski (co-secretary general of GEN, Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland) Living in Schloss Glarisegg since 2004 being a part of the founding group of our comminity, helping to build up our seminar center for a new conciousness. Working as an artist and running our office. 

The community of Schloss Glarisegg was very happy to join the GEN Network in Sieben Linden in 2008. We founded our community on the shores of Lake constance in 2003. During the first years we were occupied in building the structures of our community, always wanting to connect to a network spreading out over the boarders. Finding GEN was an answer to our hopes. As the responsible networker in our community, I have been a participant of nearly all of the GEN conferences since 2008.

Happy to put my energy into the secretariat.

Project "Models fur sustainable living"

Jonathan Klodt (manager of the project Models of sustainable working, Berlin, Germany) After graduating in Business studies, Jonathan founded a company that uses software analysis and psychological testing to assess and optimize team constellations for companies. He lived in a community in Canada and the ecovillage of Sieben Linden, Germany for a year. He is now based in Berlin where he works as a project manager and trainer for the Global Ecovillage Network on a project to adapt and communicate ecovillage solutions for urban environments. He is also coordinator of the network LebensLernOrte that aims at connecting living and learning centers, building bridges beyond scenes and subcultures. His interest lies especially in cultural development and the role of physical places for cultural and personal innovation.


Lara Kastelic (Sieben Linden, Germany) I have been always attracted by nature. That was the reason that I decided to study biology. I wanted to learn how to protect nature and all the incredible beings on this planet. But while studying I realized that protected areas and different policies don't change a lot if we don't change our personal beliefs and attitudes of the society. We should all learn about life, nature, inner happiness and how to be in harmony with ourselfs and the world. And those are exactly the elements which are being nurtured in ecovillages. For that reason I wanted to live in a community and I'm very happy that I can help spread this message through my work at GEN. I am volunteer of an 'European Voluntary Service' funded by the EU Youth in Action Program. 




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