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GEN-Europe staff members

Genny Carraro (Managing Director, RIVE, Italy) Born in the Venice area (Italy), I lost my sight at the age of 2 due to a car accident, but my disability – I realised with time, is my biggest enemy as well as my best friend and motivator. I’m curious, I want to know, discover, feel; I am an enthusiastic determined and ironic restless child! I graduated in International and Diplomatic relations (Gorizia Italy) as my dream was to work for a better world from inside the institutions: but I couldn’t serve my country as I don’t have total physical integrity, they told me! So I decided to focus on what had always been in my heart: give to everyone the chance to live a dignified life! I attended a master degree in Humanitarian Assistance in Dublin, Ireland and immediately after I set up a non governmental organisation to work with street children in the Philippines, acting as P.R. & fundraiser for the European region and liaising donors and beneficiaries. Among the many activities I got involved with while living in Dublin, I also worked in a radio as journalist raising awareness about environmental issues, political issues, immigration and integration.

In the past years I focused mainly on environmental issues and facilitation methods taking several training courses throughout Europe, and this gave me the chance to meet lots of inspiring people, visit lots of different exciting places and life styles. In 2013 I became part of the founding group of a new intentional community in the Florence area(Italy). I’m strongly convinced that only by supporting each other we can really express ourselves at the fullest. I offer workshops and group facilitations combining several techniques. Life experience teaches me everyday that I can take care of the planet, of others, of relationships only if I learn to see and welcome my own light and shadow sides, if I learn to listen and let go. To support myself and others on this path I decided to become founding member of the new born Italian Process work and Deep democracy school and to start up a training group in Sociocracy, two methodologies that I hope would support inner and outer conflict transformation, group dynamics and a healthy living.

I firstly got involved with the Italian Ecovillage Network (RIVE) for which I became the international relations’ representative. I took part in several European projects for adult and youth education; in February 2015 I have been elected in the first council of ECOLISE – European network of local initiatives and few months after I have been appointed as managing director of GEN Europe at the Arterra office in Spain. … and I thank everyone for the trust!

Alfonso Flaquer (Communications Officer, La Base, Spain) I was born in Barcelona, Spain, 1962.

From a young age I was interested in the various spiritual paths and traditions that populate the planet and its work on consciousness. I have been avid traveler, and still consider myself a true nomad, but my best experiences have always been through internal landscapes. I believe in people and in our ability to always start over.

In 2001, after several years living in the Middle East and South America, I landed at the Base, a small private airfield on the border with France wich became the first inhabited dwelling straw bale Spain; self organizing workshops on bioconstruction technics brought me to the RIE, Iberian Ecovillage Network for Spain and Portugal. For several years I have been the coordinator of the network, promoting various creative projects such as Karavan, the Ecovillage Incubator, the Avalon project...

From 2012 to 2015 I have been a GEN-Europe councillor. Nowadays I serve as GEN International board member and I have a staff position as Communication Officer at the brand new GEN Europe Office in Arterra, where I am living since 2014.

Fanny van Hal (Membership Officer, Arterra Bizimodu, Spain) Fanny van Hal grew up in an intentional community in the fruit basket region of the Netherlands consisting of 18 households and has moved to the Arterra Bizimodu community in Spain in 2015. She finished her four-year Bachelor of Management of the Living Environment (BSc) at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences with her final thesis project with the Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America (CASA) and their national network CASA Colombia.

Always having had an interest in ecovillages, Fanny travelled and visited several eco projects around the world, ranging from occupied villages to self-sufficient farms and ecovillages. Through these experiences and growing up in one such community she has come to value living in a communal setting, for the ways that diverse individuals promote sharing, working together, organisation, planning, and conflict resolution.

Her position as a Membership Officer at GEN Europe is both exciting and fulfilling. Fanny is an entrepreneurial, creative and positively critical person that is passionate about working in international teams facilitating change towards a more green and inclusive world.

Ntokozo Charity Sabic (Event Manager, Arterra Bizimodu) known to many as Nonty is a workshop facilitator, speaker, spiritual and social change leader. She studied Business and Events management in South Africa and later went on to study holistic wellness therapies. South African born she has spent the past 7years living in Croatia and Spain and traveling around different countries contributing and learning from different eco and sustainable projects. she currently serves as the event manager at the GEN Europe office in Spain. She co-founded the RIE-youth (Spanish ecovillage movement) and is also one of the RISE founders (Revivers of Indigenous Spirituality and Ecosystems) and a GEN-Africa Ambassador. She is also a Sangoma/Shaman initiated elder in the ancestral traditions of her people,she was also a student of the Mahayan Buddhism and practiced as a novist nun. For a few years she was involve in different community projects in South Africa and started a healing and wellness center. She strongly embodies the philosophy of UBUNTU - I am because we are, the world will be a better place if we go back to the ways of the circle, a space of deep listening from the heart, speaking from the heart and co-creating together as communities.

Herman Cloete (Project Manager, Arterra Bizimodu, Spain) Herman has worked in the area of systems design and analysis for the past 20 years. He has played many different roles on a wide range of international projects, including configuration specialist, integration manager, software development manager, business solutions analyst, educator and project manager. As diverse as his work experience, his skills are versatile and ever-changing in tune with his life philosophy that ´school´s never out.´ Herman has lectured IT courses at universities in South Africa and more recently, has started to teach English at a university in Spain. He has also become involved in the alternative economy movement, setting up and managing a community currency in the eco-village where he lives. There he co-raises his son, plays chess for fun and writes creatively... in the sun.

Matthias Bauszus (Financial Administrator, ZEGG, Germany) Matthias is a personal sports coach and trainer by profession who has become involved in general and financial administration in the past few years after his move to ZEGG ecovillage near Bad Belzig, Germany. He is currently involved in the financial administration of his community and that of GEN Europe. Through his work with GEN Europe he is now involved in the implementation of numerous international projects funded by the EU, the German government and private foundations.  Matthias is enthusiastic for working on good team relations and inner development which his community actively promotes.

Kariin Ottmar (Manager of the project Models of sustainable working, Ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany) Art therapist, psychologist, communications trainer and coach with long term experience working with groups, teams and individuals, trainer and facilitator of her own courses on community building, personal growth, sustainability. After her studies in psychology she worked as a project manager for a qualitative social research project (free university of Berlin) as long as she moved to Sieben Linden.

In Sieben Linden she has been living now since nine years, together with her son. In Sieben Linden she worked six years in the educational center for Sieben Linden as an educational referent, Since march 2013 she is working together with Jonathan as a project manager and trainer for the Global Ecoviallge Network.

Her passion is to support people, groups and communities in her personal and collective growth. It is delighting for her to be a part of the ecovillage movement.

Linda Rehn will be the first Job Shadower at the GEN-OFFICE in Artierda Bizimodu, from the end of October till mid of December. She will assist the office in the field of communication and membership. It is her first personal contact with the world of GEN, and the second time that she lives in a community. She studied Tourism (B.A.) and Sustainable Business (M.A.) and lives in Kassel/Germany, where she is participating in the Transition Town Movement and in an association for political education with a project of global learning called „anti-consumption city tours“. She is also engaged in other forms of ecological and social justice projects aiming for a sustainable future. She is trained in nonviolent communication and uses process work to promote conflict resolution.

From a personal as well as a professional viewpoint she is interested in contributing to the development of alternative economies and communities. Hence, she has a strong interest to understand and to support GEN and it's vision. She is motivated by the belief that even small changes are important for the transition of society and that everyone can have an impact. She enjoys the possibility to learn and to experience the power of ideas and understanding.






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