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GEN-Europe council members

Macaco Tamerice (president of GEN-Europe, Damanhur, Italy): I have been living in Damanhur since 1993 and so I’ve known GEN for many years. I have participated actively in the last four GA’s and in 2008 I was elected into the council and became vice-president. I was reelected into the council this year for another two years. I have been doing lot’s of outreach having the opportunity to talk to many people in sight (Sting, Patch Adams and many others), was the link between GEN and the Earth Charter, represented GEN at the anniversary of the Earth Charter, at smaller events in Italy and I am the link with the Italian network. I have been working in the last three years to create a law for the legal recognition of the status of Communities and will be the link between Next-Gen and the council. Last but not least I organized the last GA at Damanhur.

Thomas Heuser (ZEGG, Germany) I studied business administration and worked for one of the largest German construction companies almost 20 years.
I am living in ZEGG community since the beginning of 2010. For almost two years now I have been one of the two managing directors of ZEGG GmbH. A challenging task in many different ways. My contribution is bringing together the working and decision-making of a large community and the demands of professional business. 

Why did I move to ZEGG? I felt at home there from the beginning and love to live and work with friends. ZEGG offers seminars, workshops and camps to give people the experience of a cooperative and sustainable way of living. We also share our knowledge about living together as a community. This makes linving and working in ZEGG my personal contribution for a better world.

What do I love most in ZEGG? My goddaughter Jessica. She is the child of two friends of mine and "joined" the community two weeks after me. I got to know her on day 4 of her life and have since spent time with her as often as possible.

Why GEN-Council? I have been impressed since day one by the variety of communities that form GEN. Its diversity on a common ground makes it a powerful organization. I was asked to become part of the GEN-council during the 2012 conference in Krishna Valley. When I was asked to join the Council I felt that I am needed there just now. I knew that I have so much to do for my community at home, but I followed my heart. I am intrigued by the inspired and inspiring people that form GEN community.

My tasks in the GEN Council? I will help with office structures, work flows, the financial overview and the annual budget. I am looking forward to have a share in building the ecovillage movement.

Alfonso Flaquer (La Base, Spain) I was born in Barcelona, Spain, although almost everyone here knows me by Alf.

From a young age I was interested in the various spiritual paths and traditions that populate the planet and its work on consciousness. I have been avid traveler, till consider myself a true nomad, but my best experiences have always been through internal landscapes. I believe in people and in our ability to always start over.

In 2001, after several years living in the Middle East and South America, landed at the Base, a small private airfield on the border with France wich became the first inhabited dwelling straw bale Spain; self organizing workshops on bioconstruction technics brought me to the RIE, Iberian Ecovillage Network for Spain and Portugal. For several years I have been the coordinator of the network, promoting various creative projects such as Karavan, the Ecovillage Incubator, the Avalon project...

I'm very interested in creativity, education, facilitation and finding pathways towards Peace. And during my councilor lap, I hope to work in the NextGEN project, with the CASA network arising and making bridges with Middle East and African's network, insha'lah!

Zoltán Hosszú (Krishna Valley, Hungary)

Jana-Momo Mohaupt (Tamera, Portugal) I was born in Eastern Germany in 1979. By the agy of 13 I started to wake up into the violent political and economoical reality of the globe and started to search for possibilities to act and live a different example. In 2001 I moved to Tamera, a Peace Research Village in Portugal, a developing model of sustainable living on the social, ecological, technological, spiritual and economical level. Here I found many answers for my search for a different life on our planet. 
I became a group leader for community knowledge and worldview as I felt the social and worldview level to be the most crucial ones for a comprehensive shift also on all other levels. I work with the Global Campus and within the community until today. 
I always wanted to know who we are as a community amongst the global abundance of communities and I started to annually join the GEN Europe Assemblies and Conferences in 2006. I am interested in the developments of the various communities, ecovillages and other initiatives in Europe, Africa and beyond. It is one of the most exciting things to observe a global change coming with many different approaches and in it from side of the ecovillage models, too. 
I am in the GEN Council now to help to bring the global change a step further. I love to envision a new culture of peace on our planet. GEN with its manifold models of sustainable living is a great platform to promote new possibilities of thinking, speaking and acting. I will serve in the council with facilitation of meetings and help to set up a good working field for the growing staff. 

Our council and staff members at the meeting in ZEGG (beginning of October 2012). 


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